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Continuous Stationery

Continuous StationeryMenter offers a full range of printed forms both single and multi-part, which can be either crimped or glued, customised to your needs.

We have over 30 years experience of producing continuous forms in a huge range of depths.
Sizes available: 12", 11.67", 11", 10", 8.5", 8", 6", 5.5", 5", 4.25", 4" and 3"

Our re-pass facility enables the printing of  any number of UV dried spot colours or four colour process on face & reverse. Opas CF, desensitising ink & varnish can also be printed along with features such as hole punching & multiple perforations.

Multipart NCR sets can be supplied with as many as 8 parts. "State of the art" collating and finishing equipment allows for a wide range of options, including perforating, numbering, diecutting and various types of gluing including pressure sensitive, pressure seal & remoistenable adhesive. An efficient RF drying system enables us to offer top quality gluing which is the envy of many of our competitors.

Tamarack and Van Den Berg Web Finishing Lines allow the integration of laminated cards, self-adhesive labels and many other user friendly features.



  • Continuous envelopes
  • Invoices
  • Standard business forms
  • & many more.......