Hywel Griffiths 25 years service

Hywel (right) accepting tankard from Menter MD Dyfrig
Hywel (right) accepting tankard from
Menter MD Dyfrig Harris

The Directors of Menter Ltd had great pleasure recently in commemorating Hywel Griffiths reaching 25 years service for the company. As the oldest serving member of staff, Hywel joined the company within a year of its inception and has been head of the origination department since then.

In the early days Hywel would produce artwork as 'paste-ups' with typeset words being pasted onto a sheet of artwork. Negatives would be produced from the artwork using a large camera and printing plates would be exposed on a printing down frame by exposing light through the negative. The plates would be washed and cleaned by hand.

How things have changed! All origination is now digitally produced, the printing plates are laser etched and an automatic washout system cleans and dries the plates. Hywel received a commemorative tankard and gift voucher and was thanked by Dyfrig Harris for his service and skill over the years which has been much appreciated by both the company and customers.

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